Building Houses With 3D Printing Technology

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Building houses with 3D printing technology

3D printing is a relatively new technology in construction. However, it holds immense promise in the market.

From printing walls to printing entire houses, this technology is constantly evolving and improving. The house is printed on the location.

The four-unit build is part of a larger initiative by The Bridge that will see eight pre-fabricated units located next door. In addition to that, The Bridge will also oversee 30 tiny homes that will be built on the Sherk Street property.

Reduce building time

3D printing technology is a new and revolutionary way of building houses.

Imagine a world where you can build your house in less than 24 hours. Having this speed could reduce the number of days it takes to build a house by multitudes. Now that is something that everyone can appreciate.

Imagine the amount of housing supply added to the market to help improve affordability in. the Canadian housing market. It’s a win-win for developers and buyers, for everyone!

Fiona Coughlin, Executive Director and CEO of Habitat Windsor-Essex, said the four-unit building will cost an estimated $600,000 “but through research the price will come down over time.”

Read more about this in Windsor Star.

Building Houses With 3D Printing Technology

The possibilities are endless, and the technology is still in its early stages.

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