Spring Cleaning Tips and Common Mistakes

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Easy Spring cleaning tips

Spring is here and you know what that means: a time to freshen up your home and your mind.

There are some easy spring cleaning tips that you can use to clean your home. Spring is one of the best times to sweep through your house and purge your life of the clutter that has accumulated over the winter.

Make sure toys are put away, books are back on the bookshelf. Moldy bathrooms may scream for bleach, but most surfaces do not.

Make your house more comfortable

Spring cleaning is one of the most important things you can do for your home.

When you’re cleaning your home, it’s important to realize that you’re not cleaning just for the sake of cleaning.

You’re cleaning to help make your home a more comfortable place to live. It’s also important to realize that if you’re going to be cleaning your home, it’s best to do it early in the spring. This way, you’ll have more time to enjoy your home when the weather is nice.

After you’ve decided what you want to do, it’s time to get down to business with a list of things to do.

At the very least, sprinkle your mattress with baking soda and let it sit for awhile.

Read more about this in House Logic.

Spring Cleaning Tips and Common Mistakes

You should always look up to see what needs dusting before you start cleaning at eye level.

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